secure exclusive rights to your unique product design & packaging

Packaging and Design, find your niche!

By registering your design, secure exclusive rights to your unique look (packaing, labelling, and more…)

“Design” refers to the external aesthetical appeal of a product or one of its parts, including, the characteristics of the lines, contours, colors of the shape, the structure; as well as to the materials and ornaments of a product.

It is possible to obtain protection for your design if: your design is new (launched within the past 12 months) and distinct from other products within the same product class currently on the market.

Copyright or design registration serve to protect and enhance the investments made to secure an aesthetic package, which is well known to be a determining factor for consumer selection.

Consumers often select products based on aesthetic factors. Have you ever thought about how many items you chose simply because the “look” was most aligned with your aesthetic preferences? I just look up beyond my computer monitor, on my desk to see a beautiful table lamp (Kelvin lamp designed by Antonio Citterio and produced by Flos).


The design of a chair, a bag, a kitchen utensil, or even a tube of toothpaste is often a decisive factor for attracting new consumers and securing old ones. Packaging is an opportunity for point-of-sale marketing.

The shapes of your products can be the best business card for your company because … your creativity is your success!

Contact us, without obligation, for advice and further information related to design, IP, trademark, competitor research, and funding opportunities we can help you apply for.

Credits : Packaging Rellana Wool by Ogilvy & Mather, Germany
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