The selection and filing of a corporate trademark, be it verbal or graphic, are the first steps in the formation of a strong and protected corporate identity. An effective trademark communicates a selected corporate message, concisely, to the consumers – one that can be more or less explicit – and allows the company to be instantly recognized, thereby familiar and preferred amongst competitors. As such, the fundamental function of the trademark is to communicate the corporate origin of a product or service being provided.

A brand will be more effective the more it will be able to imprint itself in the minds of relevant consumers.

Aesthetically pleasing brands, new and easily recognizable will have a better chance of being remembered.

For this reason, it is important to ask yourself if a selected trademark (which may have been selected during the establishment of the company) is still equipped with the necessary characteristics to attract the current target audience (considering new communication channels, changes in aesthetic standards over time, etc.).

There is a very conscious strategy behind the fact that many companies change their trademark, even drastically, over time.


Facebook and Google recent invested in renovations to their world-recognized logos. While these changes might be seen as almost unperceivable, they were clearly conscious investments with expected returns.

When considering if and how to renew a logo or trademark you should consider where and how it will be displayed.

A large portion of consumers learn about, solicit, and use services via the internet, either through computers, smartphone, or tablets. It is therefore essential to consider how a logo or trademark will appear on these displays and at a range of sizes. If a logo or trademark is unable to have the same impact on a smartphone as on a billboard, it might be time to reconsider and adopt a new look.

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